LWHRA’s SHRM-CP/SHRM-SCP Certification Preparation Program

Earning your professional credential may open many doors of opportunity. It is a tangible representation of your knowledge, and also demonstrates that you can achieve ambitious goals, are committed to excellence and are dedicated to continuous professional development.

Whether you are gainfully employed or looking for a new opportunity in the HR field, obtaining an industry-recognized certification will reinforce your professional credibility and value within your current organization, or help set you apart from non-credentialed applicants in your job search.  Which credential(s) you choose to obtain and maintain is a personal decision.

Our program is designed to assist human resource professionals preparing for their SHRM-CP or SHRM-SCP certification exam. Participants will review relevant reference materials as well as gain perspective from knowledgeable guest speakers with industry experience. Please note, this course is not intended to and will not provide the training necessary to learn significant amounts of new material. The SHRM-CP exam focuses more on the operational and technical aspects of human resources management (implementing policies and strategies and delivering HR services).  The SHRM-SCP exam addresses human resource issues at the strategic/policy development level (influencing HR and Business, analyzing performance metrics, and aligning HR strategies to organizational goals). For more information, please contact Veronica Potter