Symposium Is Leading the Change

Gone are the days when the HR professional was little more than the head of an administrative cog in the machine of company personnel departments. We are no longer in the background, diligently working behind the scenes to insure contracts are signed, benefits are understood, and employees can air grievances. We are the complex mechanics that keep the machine running. A company is, after all, only as good as its employees and its employees are only as good as its HR department.


The opportunities and challenges for the HR professional are daunting and greater than ever before. Adapting to the constant change with excellent leadership, interpersonal acumen, and a strong strategic vision make everyone a winner. Symposium exists to help you achieve your personal best and make the most out of your future and your career.

In a little less than a month Symposium attendees will be treated to the innovations that make LWHRA one of the largest and most successful chapters in our region.   


With a whopping 25 presenters at the top of their game and full day of the sessions of your choice you will wake up a better HR professional on February 12.


The question for you is - where should I start? What topics are most interesting? What can I learn and from who?


We can't help you with that but we can tell you some of your options:


If you work for an international company, you may want to check out  Essential Global Recognition and Engagement Insights with presenter Michelle Smith.


Healthcare is changing, though an employers' concern with dealing with costs has always been a challenge. Robin Shapiro will be presenting Understanding Advocacy Services, a hot and timely topic for everyone.


Is your company still relying on old hiring practices and missing out on hiring the "right" employee? Then perhaps you should go to Work 3.0 - Get it or Get Out presented by Stacey Carroll.


Washington State employment laws are undergoing significant change and Kara Craig will help to elucidate the practices and regulations that will affect everyone in 2014 during her presentation, Employment Law Update.


In addition to the fantastic presentations, there will be delicious food, interesting exhibits, and unparalleled networking exposure.

So what are you waiting for? The future is Symposium 2014.               




One of our Symposium presenters, Paul Anderson, has asked that we poll our membership. He will be incorporating the survey's results in his February 11 presentation. Take the survey. Paul has been a regular presenter at Symposium, and we are glad to have him back this year. 



  Conference Sponsor:               

The Law of Attraction and Our Grand Committee Summit      

Ann G. Macfarlane, Chapter Office              


The members of LWHRA who volunteer for our association are motivated by their passion for the field of HR, their wish to strengthen the profession, and the satisfaction they derive from serving our members. In other words, by heart. A professional organization thrives by cultivating those qualities of heart, and providing great opportunities to connect to its members. In other words, by exercising the laws of attraction! You are invited to take part in just such a unique opportunity on Monday, January 27, at our Grand Committee Summit.


We'll meet at the Sheraton Hotel Bellevue at 4:00 pm, enjoy delicious nibblies, and settle in for a short briefing on some key principles pertaining to committee work (I promise this part will be interesting). Then each committee will review its priorities and develop three key goals for the coming year. We'll reconvene as a whole for report-backs and questions as to resources, scheduling and priority. Everything will be nicely wrapped up by 6:00 pm.


If you have served on an LWHRA committee in the past, or are interested in doing so this year, please register for the Summit (we need RSVPs to be sure to have enough great food - registration closes Thursday, January 23).  


I look forward to greeting you in person and planning another stimulating and attractive year ahead.