LWHRA Job Board—a Profile in Job Hunting Success

LWHRA Job Board

Are you a recent grad looking for your first opportunity in HR? Or perhaps ready for the next step in your career growth? In addition to the usual suspects in your job search, don’t forget to take advantage of the LWHRA Job Board!


The LWHRA Job Board is a hyper-local, specialized job board that offers HR opportunities in the Seattle Metro area. Last year, we had 128 jobs posted on our job board. We currently have 10 jobs available, ranging from HR Assistant to HR Director roles, plus specialty roles in benefits, compensation, and more.


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Interview with a Job Seeker

We recently sat down with Shameeka, an LWHRA member, to talk about her success in finding a job through the LWHRA Job Board.


Why did you join LWHRA as a Chapter? 

Shameeka: I had completed SHRM-CP certification and ever since, wanted to volunteer with a local SHRM chapter to get more involved in the industry. I chose LWHRA because of its updated website and social media presence, as well as having multiple committees for members to choose from, allowing me to volunteer based on my interest and convenience.  


Why did you use LWHRA in your job search? 

Shameeka: I had been in the job market for a few months, and on my very first day, my committee manager, Laura Lohiniva was upfront with me about how volunteering at LWHRA helps with networking and possibly getting placed. Being an immigrant, my first intent for volunteering was to gain work experience in the US. Second, was to get an HR job in Seattle. Being an LWHRA member, I got notified via email about the job board and registered. 


What was your experience like using the job board?

Shameeka: The job board is very intuitive and easy to follow. Whenever there are new positions posted on the website, members also get notified via email. 

Being an immigrant, I already had to wait for three years to get my work permit. After receiving my work permit, I applied at 110 companies over seven months, totaling 170 applications. With a total of two onsite interviews with no offers, it seemed as though the American Dream would just remain a dream for me. But, within just a month of registering on the LWHRA job board, I came across an HR Business Partner job posting and applied right away. I was contacted by the Hiring Manager, interviewed, and hired in just a week's time. Of course, the time to fill would vary from company to company, but being an HR professional, it was a great platform to stand out and get noticed.


How did your involvement with LWHRA help in your job search?

Shameeka: My volunteer manager has always been encouraging about attending/volunteering at Chapter events so that I can get to network and learn more about other Committees. On April 2, 2019, at the LWHRA Symposium, I volunteered at the registration booth, as the photographer, and managed social media posts. This experience helped me showcase my work, gain visibility,  and boosted my confidence.

While interviewing for the HR Business Partner (HRBP) job, I was fortunate enough to get a great professional reference from my Committee Manager, having worked for only three months then. I truly appreciate the support given by my Manager, team and the Chapter.


What advantages did your experience at LWHRA give you?

Shameeka: I enjoy graphic designing as a hobby. I was glad that there was an opening for a Volunteer Social Media Manager when I was looking in January 2019. After the interview process, I was trained and onboarded gradually. I thoroughly enjoy the work I do. It gives me great joy and I get to learn something new every week. 

At first, it seemed as though the only HR exposure I was getting was learning about the various HR Chapter & Partner events. But, after starting work as an HRBP I realized how today's HR professional wears multiple hats, including that of a marketer. My learnings at LWHRA help me at work and vice-versa as well.


Thanks to Shameeka for taking her time to speak with us. Best of luck on your new role!


Visit the LWHRA Job Board
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