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Why Attend the LWHRA 2020 Symposium?

5 Reasons for You to Attend Symposium 

It's always the right time to think about your HR career, your goals, and your aspirations. LWHRA's 2020 Symposium is a fantastic resource that will allow you to grow your HR practice!

1. Focus on YOU! – In HR, we spend our days and careers focusing on the needs of others. During Symposium we pause to reflect internally on what each of us needs as a growing professional. We take this day to look inside and then we turn outward and share our growth with our organizations and each other.

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Learn About the 2020 Lightning Talks

2020 LWHRA Symposium

Join us this year in our search for clarity, focus, and foresight. What will your HR 20/20 Vision be?

We hope you will join us on February 11 for LWHRA's largest all-day event. Each year we attract more than 350 HR professionals from around the region to learn and celebrate our industry. Our theme this year is HR 20/20 Vision.

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