What Else Is in it for You? Leveraging the Full Power of Your LWHRA Membership
Nathan Deily, Board Member "At Large" 


In the many years that I have been a member of SHRM, I've known and appreciated the value of membership: access to information and resources, insight into developing legislative, professional and industry trends; an appreciation for the amazing depth and complexity of our work as HR professionals across a variety of industries, organizations and functional disciplines.  


Much of the time, that knowledge and appreciation was passive or dormant - I knew where I could go to learn more, when and if I needed to. In my free time, I enjoyed learning about and taking advantage of information and resources when things sparked my curiosity.


It was curiosity that brought me to my first LWHRA meeting, and the vague but insistent idea that there was something else out there in the local chapters that was worth learning about. It wasn't until I went to "go and see" that I learned about just how much our chapter does. Even now as a member of the board, I am learning just how much value we deliver based solely on the energy, passion and discretionary effort of our members and volunteers.  


As we strive to focus that energy and effort on the highest value activities, there's one essential thing we need: your curiosity and your input. We've taken some bold first steps in that direction: using a survey conducted at the 2014 Symposium to focus the efforts of the Diversity & Inclusion Committee on the things you think are most valuable; defining a strategic plan for the chapter that places the question "What's in It for Me as a Chapter Member?" at the center of everything we do.


Perhaps most importantly, we're building a crisp and clear communication strategy that links and aligns all the value the chapter delivers into a predictable and reliable drumbeat of relevant, actionable information for you.


I encourage you to take advantage of upcoming information and content we're delivering as a result of your feedback - including but not limited to:

  • An update on our Diversity & Inclusion committee strategy from Magda Kaspary on  April 24.
  • Giving your feedback on our website and social media - to Kerry Ann Peck, Chair of the Communications Committee.
  • Getting involved as a volunteer and reaching out to your extended professional network to "connect the dots" to both the obvious and the "undiscovered" value of LWHRA membership. Our Volunteers Committee Chair, Brenda Jensen, can get you started. 

Lastly, THANK YOU for your continued commitment, participation and enthusiasm for the chapter.

In Other News


LWHRA members are invited to participate in a Washington Employers 2014 Salary Survey. This year's Salary Survey includes over 550 job titles at all levels of an organization. Participants will receive free survey results and 1 HRCI recertification credit.


Click here to join our free meeting on April 25, Interdisciplinary HR - The Springboard for an Exceptional Practice, where you can get insights and academic credit for OSR.

Join our May Chapter Meeting on Tuesday, May 13. Learn how to "Speak to Persuade: When Being Informative Is Not Enough."  Registration closes on Thursday, May 8, so don't miss out on a great lunch and illuminating presentation.

The 2nd Annual Allied Professionals Networking Event is coming to The Washington State Convention Center on Thursday, June 12. This hugely popular event has limited space so register now and don't miss this once-a-year opportunity.