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Lightning Talk: "Stay Calm Around Impossibly Annoying People" | Susan Fee

Session Time: 8:15 AM

Session Description:

You know the drill. Someone walks into your office and complains, and then it's your job to fix the problem. Before you repeat that broken pattern, use the solution-focused approach. You can either ask more details about what's wrong or you can focus on what's going right. Solution-focused is a well-researched counseling theory with practical and beneficial business applications. You'll learn how to turn your biggest complainers toward goals to achieve versus ruts to avoid. Solutions are reached faster, conversations are energizing, and people feel empowered to take positive action.

Core Competency #1: Relationship Management
Core Competency #2: Communication 

Speaker Bio

Susan is a national speaker, certified coach, and board-certified counselor specializing in helping clients develop their personal and professional communication skills. She trains individuals and corporations on interpersonal skills, conflict resolution, resiliency, motivation, and presentation skills as well as providing voice-overs for audiobooks, training videos, and commercials. Storytelling is at the heart of Susan's work. She began her career as a journalist, sharing other people’s stories. Today, as a therapist and writer, she helps others tell their own stories, transforming narratives from painful to powerful.