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The HR Professional of the Future; Visionary, Business Leader and Compassionate Change Agent | Stacy Shamberger

Session Time: 9:45 AM

Session Description:

HR is no longer just about benefits, compensation and training. It has evolved into a strategic position that requires skills such as corporate communications, branding, finance and business acumen. The future HR leader will help drive revenue and business success, while maintaining the human aspects of compassion, collaboration and inclusion. In this fast-paced interactive keynote session, we will explore how the professional HR leader of the future will be a holistic thought leader. Balancing the business focus of profitability, market share and productivity with employee well-being, satisfaction and engagement.  The conversation will be a journey, examining how current trends, research and best practices are shaping a new model for HR leadership. Placing HR professionals at the forefront of shaping how we do business in the future; ensuring the hallmark of human behaviors and thoughtful business practices are critical factors for a successful organization.

Core Competency #1: Business Acumen
Core Competency #2: Communication

Speaker Bio

Stacy is the executive vice president of people and revenue at Skyline Group International. Stacy has more than 25 years of business experience in HR, finance, operations, and sales. She has held leadership and executive positions with IBM, ADP, Citibank and Fischer Scientific and was an adjunct professor within the University of Maryland System, in their Leadership Development and Executive Studies programs. Stacy is a certified executive coach, international speaker, and published author, speaking and writing on topics such as leadership development strategies, employee engagement, strategic planning and a variety of HR/human capital management topics.