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"The 16 Elements of Engagement" | Rusty Lindquist

Session Time: 3:45 PM

Session Description:

Each of our employees is on a journey. And it turns out, that journey follows an incredibly predictable path. Understanding that path gives us the insight we need to design a powerful employee experience; one that leads to satisfaction, performance, and engagement. But engagement always seems so soft, nebulous, and indefinable. Until now. After 18 years of study, I’ll take you through the 16 Elements of Engagement, the “common core” distilled from dozens of models and theories, as well as cognitive and behavioral sciences. It will shed new light on what brings people in, what causes them to stay, and what makes them “all in” while they're here. You’ll learn how to use those elements to diagnose disengagement, and most importantly, what to do about it when you do. With this understanding, you’ll learn how to impact Employee Lifetime Value (eLTV), reduce time to productivity, increase time in productivity, and increase time in role. This is not a motivational speech. This is a value-packed session that will leave you wishing you could write faster.

Core Competency #1: Leadership & Navigation
Core Competency #2: HR Expertise

Speaker Bio
Rusty is the founder and CEO of Life Engineering, a company dedicated to engineering engagement to increase success. An international speaker and thought leader, he focuses on helping people build and sustain momentum through life. Prior to that he spent almost two decades inventing engaging products that change the way people work and live. A husband and father of seven, his personal mission in life is to help other people find and fulfill theirs.