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"Partnering with your CFO" | Nikhil Kalghatgi

Session Time: 2:15 PM

Session Description:

A CFO’s job is to efficiently manage the capital resources of the company to allow it to succeed and grow. Although the genesis of the role was related to financial capital, it has evolved to include all types of capital resources. And nothing is more important today than human capital. Insufficiency of talent is emerging as a critical inhibitor of growth strategies and is by far the biggest hurdle that companies are facing. The most effective way for CFOs to combat this is to closely align themselves with HR professionals in their organization. In turn, HR professionals have to shed the long-held belief that HR is all about processes and controls and embrace the fact that their role has become central to driving business results within the organization. So how should HR professionals more effectively collaborate with their CFO? The presentation will focus on this topic, especially in the context of how we have been successful in doing this within our organization. We will talk about the significance of understanding your business, analyzing human capital data and correlating human capital data to the company’s financial data to ultimately drive business value.

Core Competency #1: Business Acumen

Core Competency #2: Critical Evaluation

Speaker Bio

Nikhil is the Chief Financial Officer at KPFF Inc., a 1,200-person engineering consulting company focused on the Built Environment. He has extensive experience in a wide range of leadership and management positions that span across the engineering, real estate, and business consulting industries. In his role as a CFO at KPFF, he is responsible for all the corporate financial and business activities, including oversight and management of their General & Administrative group in Seattle. Nikhil has an undergraduate degree in civil engineering from National Institute of Technology, India, a graduate degree in civil engineering from Texas A&M, and a master’s in business administration from UCLA. Nikhil lives in Issaquah with his wife and son and is an avid fan of the outdoors and long-distance running.