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"The Future of Work — Globally" | Carol Olsby

Session Time: 1:00 PM

Session Description:

The global workplace is in a time of disruption and HR needs to lead the way.

  • Employee Experience—shift from traditional talent management to the employee experience
  • Gig economy—redefining the career model—remote workers and the flexible workplace
  • Global diversity, inclusion, and belonging—ensuring equity in pay and career opportunities

Core Competency #1: Global & Cultural Effectiveness
Core Competency #2: Leadership & Navigation

Speaker Bio

Carol is a senior-level global and domestic HR leader with more than 25 years of experience leading, designing, and implementing global and domestic HR strategies for companies expanding globally, as well as companies requiring a global and domestic HR framework redesign/realignment and redeployment.
Carol is the Managing Director of Carol Olsby & Associates, Inc. a consulting firm serving clients throughout the world. Prior to starting her consulting firm, Carol was Tieto’s Global HR Director – Americas & Asia where she led their high-growth Asia and North America expansion.
Carol has held SHRM Global HR and HR & Technology expertise panel roles since 2010. She advises SHRM on global HR and speaks on their behalf. Carol has been published in numerous media (Internet, print, and radio).
Carol has presented at a variety of global HR conferences, universities, seminars. She is the founder and chair of HR Roundtable, the Northwest’s high-technology HR society, and co-founder and chair of Global Human Resources Consortium, an international HR organization. She is also a board member of Wireless Advocates, Car Toys, and ECONET Holdings.