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"Empowering & Accelerating Career Development in Your Organization" | Britt Provost

Session Time: 11:00 AM

Session Description:

Many organizations lack the funding, organizational will, or team to create or implement large-scale employee development programs. But it is possible—and in fact, practical, as long as there is an investment of time and thoughtfulness. Britt will share a few simple programs that Apptio and other companies she has worked with have implemented, which empower employees and managers to have frequent and actionable career discussions. In particular, she will cover the concept of Stay Interviews and how they can be easily used across a global organization. She'll share some of her learnings about how to create and mobilize a manager community within an organization for learning, connection, and communication. She'll also discuss practical scripts and resources that can be shared with managers and employees to guide conversations on career growth, creating development plans and connecting employees to mentors and sponsors.

Core Competency #1: HR Expertise
Core Competency #2: Communication

Speaker Bio
Britt is the Executive Vice President of People and Culture for Apptio, a public software-as-a-service leader in technology business management (TBM). She is responsible for leading the HR function, coaching executives and managers to become more effective leaders, and fostering Apptio’s high-performing culture. Prior to joining Apptio, Britt held progressive HR leadership positions at fast-paced technology companies including Avanade, Real Networks, and Microsoft. She has more than 15 years of experience leading HR teams in all aspects of the function, across a number of business sectors. Britt is actively involved as a speaker and facilitator on a number of topics including leadership development, negotiation, women in leadership, employee engagement, and career development topics. Britt holds a BA from the University of Washington and a MBA from University of Colorado.